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вт, 02.05.2017 - 11:21 // Источник

I had just received the Vesper pads and was eager to hear them but I had a sour taste in my mouth after this whole experience. I decided to measure this pair and try the Vesper pads to show the changes. I only tried the Vesper pads on the right side, as they're verry hard to get on right. Bass extension will be off as I was holding each driver against the coupler instead of the headband.

Driver matching between ESP950 units seems quite good, might be excellent if there was a headband on the second unit for appropriate pressure and seal. Vesper pads do make a very good difference lowering the 1.5kHz bump and bringing up the lower treble. I think they might improve bass extension but when I listened to the right side with Vesper pads compared to the left with stock pads the stock pads seemed to have better bass impact due to conduction against your head where the Vesper pads acted as a damping device since they placed your ear further from the driver.

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