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Ladies and Gents, allow me to show you the Vesper Audio Alcantara pads that are a true Audeze Vegan pad alternative. I got them in this morning, and I played some songs through my M1060 with vegans, then removed those and tried the Vesper Audio pads and they sounded just as good as the vegans, maybe even ever so slightly better. They are super comfortable like the vegans as well. I will say the foam is a little stronger in the Verspers because I opted for memory foam which forms to your head so well. Getting Vegan pads is really hard to do now, and when you luck out and find some they are usually $100+, but I got the custom Vesper Audio pads for $67 shipped. So, if you've been looking for some Vegan pads but can't find any or don't want to pay a boatload of money for them, you might want to consider getting you a pair of Vesper Audio alcantara pads made. I put the vegans back on my M1060 since they were already used and now I don't have to worry about what happens when I wear them out because I got the Vesper pads just waiting. Anyway, here are some pics of the Vegans (left) and the Vesper Audios (right) to give you a visual comparison.

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