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- Since our products are custom made by hand we do not offer refunds if buyer changed his mind after payment is done.
- We offer limited warranty for our products, please contact to get specific product term. We offer free repairs within the warranty period, the buyer ships item to us at own expence. We pay the return shipping.
- Real leather earpads can be a bit different in dimensions compared to stock pads. This regards to attacing flange as well. In addition this flange can be deliberately wider than needed, so if you feel the flange is too tight while mounting please do not try to stretch leahter very hard until you can tear it. Just use maicure scissors and cut 1 or 2 mm of leather all the way around the inner circle of the flange and try again. Fit will be no so tight.
- Since shipping method is agreed with the buyer, the seller and the buyer are equally responsible in case of item loss or damage. In case of damage we offer free refurbishing. The buyer ships item to us at own expence. We pay the return shipping.
- We can not be responsible for any customs procedures at the buyer's side.
- If customer who sent any earphones/headphones to us is not responding to our messages and not trying to contact us within 2 months we consider his/her property unclaimed. Such headsets will be utilized and no longer available after 2 months of customer silence.